Incisively for Shopify

Take control and unlock the value of your data

We developed Incisively to overcome the shortfalls of existing dashboards that only provided a fraction of the insight needed to grow and optimise a business. Now we have created the most advanced Shopify insight tool on the market.

Tristan Gadsby


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How Incisively works

There are a number of areas where we use data to improve your sales performance:

  • Keeping on top of current trading performance
  • Understanding your customers better to help with cross-selling / up-selling
  • Knowing your profitability
  • Managing your stock
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Become data driven.
Get instant insights.
Maximise your sales.

Incisively for Shopify is a reporting suite built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that delivers immediate laser guided insight into the areas you need to focus on to create the greatest amount of value.

As a business owner using Shopify myself, I was frustrated that their dashboards only provide a fraction of the insight needed to grow and optimise my business. So I have led the development of the most advanced Shopify insight tool on the market.

Incisively pulls together all of the key reports that you would need to summarise and easily understand your Shopify store's performance. It instantly analyses customers, products, vendors and inventory, giving you insight upon KPIs such as sales, gross margin and even product level profitability.

With prices starting from $50 per month you can transform your business into a top quartile data-driven organisation cost-effectively and within hours.

We would love to hear how you get on so do get in touch with us. Meanwhile, if you have any further questions, please read our FAQ’s or email

Tristan Gadsby


How to sign up for your 14-day free trial

  • Simply click on the ‘add app’ button to install within Shopify.
  • Your data will then be automatically extracted, which can take up to 24-48 hours, but is often much quicker.
  • Our Incisively team will email you to explain the next steps.
  • When the data is ready, log back into your Shopify Admin Portal and select Apps. From there, you will be able to accept the "free 14-day trial” and view your reports.
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