Incisively for Shopify

Helping you to navigate the complex world of data analysis

Shopify is a great platform, but many store owners either don’t have the time to perform the analysis or may not have the broadest of expertise. Our suite of reports can transform your business into a top quartile data-driven organisation and within hours.

Incredible data insights

Incisively pulls together all of the key reports that you would need to summarise and easily understand your Shopify store's performance. From analysing customer, product, vendors, inventory and covers KPIs such as sales, gross margin and even product level profitability.

Our reports are designed with a dual purpose...

Save you time

Make you more money

Reports include:

KPI trends

Calendar view


KPI deep dives

How can Incisively for Shopify answer your questions?

For an eCommerce business to survive, it's vital that you have the best insight to help make optimal decisions. We have pulled together decades of experience from some of the world’s leading commercial analysts to produce the most advanced set of Shopify reporting available.


Performance Summary

This report shows the main components of your trading performance, sales and margin year on year growth trends as well as the component drivers of the margin variance; sales, AOV and margin.

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Revenue Predictor

This report extrapolates ahead from the year to date cumulative performance based on three scenarios; in the balance of the year you take what you took last year, in the balance of the year you match the year to date % growth versus last year and a customer growth in the balance of the year compare to the slider.

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Basket Analysis

For the date ranges selected this report looks at the absolute number and the % of categories that are purchased with other categories.

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Monthly Cohorts

This report groups customers together by acquisition month and shows how a number of KPIs progress over different calendar months. These tables are essential to understand the strength or weakness of cohorts as time goes by. Cohorts are the rows and trading months are the columns. You can choose any of the KPIs in the metric selector.

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Contribution Component Trend

This report quantifies the financial impact each KPI is having on the overall contribution and looks at how this is trending over time.

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Stock Cover < 3 Months

This report shows the SKUs that have stock cover of less than 3 months also showing average monthly sales and the stock holding.

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Take control of your business growth

Easily accessed from within your Shopify portal and updated daily, our reports answer specific questions you should be asking yourself about your business.

Unlock the value of your data

Our reports can quickly identify how you can improve your store's performance easily and cost effectively.

Stay ahead of your competition

Make smarter decisions and take faster action to get the best results and see the impact of any changes, in real-time.

What makes Incisively different?

Clear pricing

Prices start from only $50 per month and is based on annual revenue.
14-day free trial available.

Easy to use

All reports feature pop-up instructions on why & how to use the report.


Designed to save you time and make you more money.


Make better business decisions based on your data.

Quick setup

Syncs easily with your Shopify store.

Find your pricing plan

Our Incisively for Shopify plans are calculated based on your Shopify store's annual revenue in USD. But don't worry if you select the wrong tier, we will detect this for you during the installation.

All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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