Our People

Management with global experience

Dr. Sarah Ward

Data Analyst

Sarah’s academic career started in physics and planetary science. She went on to complete a doctorate in ecological systems modelling, specifically soda lakes inhabited by lesser flamingos in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

After completing her doctorate Sarah left academia and turned to the business world. She is now a Data Analyst for Alliants where she uses data to generate commercial insights to help our clients make key decisions.  5 years experience covering all aspects from project management, user research, data analysis, test design, analysis and recommendations for implementation.


  • Data Analysis - (R, SPSS, Matlab) experience with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.
  • User Testing - (Optimizely) running and analysing the results of user testing sessions.
  • Surveys - design and analysis of survey results.
  • PhD - Complexity Science
  • BSci - Physics with Planetary Science