How it works

Advanced data science made simple.

Imagine your ideas about improving a certain aspect of your website or app: different product orderings, sign-up flows, landing page designs... anything. Now picture the ideas as slot machines, with different odds of paying out at any given time.

Incisively mathematically determines the best idea to play, in real time — as well as how often to try the others, in case they become a better bet.

Once you begin, you can also add (or remove) ideas at any time, and there's no need to press stop — Incisively always maximises results. It's cutting-edge data science made simple.

Three steps to improved results

Start optimising your website in minutes.

  1. 1 Plug Incisively into your website or app, using our one-line HTML embed code, client libraries or simple REST APIs.

  2. 2 Add variations of anything you believe will influence conversion, e.g. promotions, copy or product orderings.

  3. 3 Unique machine-learning algorithms monitor each variation's conversion, and serve more of the best one.

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Set it and forget it

Incisively renders split-testing tools obsolete.

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