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Managing Labs

The optimisation process doesn’t require any maintenance, but you can monitor and adjust Labs if you like.

Understanding Lab Performance

Clicking the “Performance Report” next to your Lab’s name will show you a summary of your Lab’s performance. The key metrics are:

Metric Description
Visitors the number of unique users who received a Lab suggestion
Goals the number of rewards received
Goal rate Trend goals as a percentage of visitors by day
Relative Performance Total Goal Rate per Variant across selected time period
Share of Visitors % of visitors served each variant

The dashboard also shows the actual number of visitors, goals and goal rate by variant by day.

Using the filters

You can also adjust the filters at the top of the Dashboard to refine the date range for which you wish to see results:

  • “Show Only Active Variants” hides variants which are not currently switched off from the dashboard analysis.

  • The variants filter enables to you see results for a subset of variants. Just type the name of each variant and hit enter. Remember to hit the “Run” button once you have set the filter.

Changing your Lab setup

You can also make further changes, without having to touch your website code again:

Add new variants

You can add a new variant to any Lab at any time. As soon as you activate a new variant, the new variant starts to be suggested.

Pause variants

Sold out of blue jumpers? Just pause the Blue variant and Incisively will instantly optimise between the remaining variants. You can reactivate a paused variant at any time to bring it back into play.