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Promo Labs

Simple promotional banner click-through rate optimisation.

The easiest type of lab to implement, Promo Labs allow you to provide a set of images and corresponding URLs as promotional images/banners.

Add a single line of HTML anywhere on your site that you’d like the promo images to appear, and Incisively will automatically show more of the image with the best click-through rate… even when the winner changes.

Example: Homepage Hero Unit

Imagine you run a website that sells jumpers. You get a lot of search traffic for keywords related to blue jumpers, but black jumpers consistently sell well… Also, at certain times of the year, sales of red jumpers go through the roof. You have designed a promotional banner for each colour, but which is the best to feature on your homepage?

Traditionally, you might run an A/B test to determine which of the banner designs resulted in the highest click-through rate. However, you’d miss out on a lot of clicks by showing many people the losing designs while waiting for the test to finish. Additionally, it’s practically impossible for an A/B test to fully exploit the seasonal demand for red.

Just upload all three designs to a Promo Lab, which will automatically maximise click-through rate, even as customer behaviour changes.

Step 1: Create the Lab and Variants

Each optimisation lives in a Lab, so after signing up, you log in to the Incisively Web App, select the “Promo Optimisation Labs” tab, and create a new Lab called “Homepage Feature Image”.

Next, you click “Edit Lab” to add your banner images to the Lab. For each design, click “Add Variant”, upload the image file, and complete the “Name” and “Link to” fields:

Name Image Link to
Blue blue.jpg
Black black.jpg
Red red.jpg

The Lab is now ready for use.

Notice that variants start life with their Active switch set to the off position. Turn them on when you’re ready for them to go live. Take care to set at least one variant as “Active”, else the service will not return content.

Step 2: Embed on your website

Now that you’ve created your lab, clicking “Edit Lab” will display an “Embed Code” section that will contain a piece of HTML like this:

Copy the HTML, and paste into your website wherever you would like the image to appear.

By default, the embed code matches the dimensions of your first variant’s image. If you change the size (using CSS, or by editing the width & height HTML attributes), the image will be resized to fit.

Step 3: Up and running

Now that your Lab is working, there’s nothing else you need to do. The algorithms will constantly monitor performance and adjust suggestions accordingly.

If you like, you can see what’s going on by clicking View Performance next to your Lab’s name in the web app.