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Lab Basics

Fundamentals for successful optimisations.


Each company or organisation has a single account, with an account number.

You can add multiple users to an account – please email to do so.


Your account can contain many Labs.

Labs represent distinct optimisations, so you might have a Lab for “Homepage Hero Unit”, another for “Newsletter Signup Widget”, and one more for “Product Ordering”, each focussed on a different goal.


For each Lab, you must have a goal in mind; something you wish to affect. When that goal occurs, you send a Reward back to the Lab so that it can learn what is successful.

It is important to design Labs with clear and relevant Rewards in mind. For example, it may be tempting to optimise an element on your homepage to increase Average Order Value, but it is more effective to optimise for a closely related event, such as the element’s clickthrough rate.


Each Lab contains Variants. These are the variations that you believe will increase the number or value of Rewards.

For the best results, create Variants that are significantly different. Incisively is particularly good at promoting strong Variants and eliminating weak ones very quickly, so be bold and aim for big improvements.

You can easily introduce new Variants as you have more ideas, and also turn Variants off temporarily or permanently.

N.B. It is possible to update existing Variants, but bear in mind that Variants have history, so avoid changing them except, for example, to fix a mistake or update content data.