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Checking your Lab Setup

How to make sure your Lab is working as expected.

While developing or testing a Lab implementation, it’s a good idea to manually verify that the Lab is operating correctly. Here’s a simple verification checklist:

  1. If you’re using our SDKs or storing user ID / reward tokens in cookies, clear your cookies or start a new Incognito/Private Browsing session.
  2. Visit the part of your website or app that uses a suggestion.
    • Ensure that one of your variants appears in your website/app as expected
    • In the Incisively web app, check that the ‘Suggestion’ count for this Lab increases by exactly 1
  3. Complete a goal action for the Lab on your website or app
    • In the Incisively web app, ensure that the ‘Reward’ count for this Lab increases by exactly 1

N.B. Suggestion and Reward counts can take up to 10 minutes to update.

Remember to use a duplicate Lab for development, test, staging and other non-production environments to avoid biasing your production Lab. You can simply swap out the Lab ID in production.