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What is Incisively?

Incisively is a real-time continuous optimisation service.

What does that mean?

Incisively allows you to easily provide several variations of any aspect of your website or app (e.g., copy, calls-to-action, sort orderings, designs… anything!) without knowing how they will perform. Simply ask Incisively to suggest a variation when a user arrives, and then let Incisively know if a goal occurs as a result.

Behind the scenes, Incisively will use the number of suggestions and goals to optimise exploitation of the best-performing variation against exploration of the others’ performance, in a way that is mathematically guaranteed to maximise results while minimising how often a sub-optimal variation is suggested.

In other words, just throw ideas into Incisively’s hopper, and it will find and use the best one as much as possible while continuously checking whether another could do any better.

Isn’t that just an A/B test?

Incisively optimisations are conceptually similar to split tests, but with some significant advantages, such as:

  • Instead of testing each variant equally, Incisively uses sophisticated “multi-armed bandit” algorithms to serve the best performer(s) much more often.
  • Incisively never declares a “winner”; instead, it constantly adapts to a changing world, so once you begin an optimisation you can keep it running indefinitely.
  • Optimisations can be changed at any time (e.g., adding or removing variants) without consequences.
  • Incisively can optimise for real value goals (such as revenue, margin or your own goal metrics) as well as simple “yes/no” conversion goals.

These attributes not only make Incisively a great replacement for an A/B tool, but also extremely suitable for long-term optimisation of volatile content (e.g., merchandising or product listings).