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Top optimisation use cases for digital businesses.

Increase conversion and engagement by optimising promotions

Promotional space is limited and valuable in any website or app, so it's key to ensure that it's used effectively. However, it's usually difficult to predict what users will respond to—especially in the context of business cycles such as seasonal buying patterns, or as a product and user base matures and behaviours change.

Incisively's Promo Optimisation Labs make it trivial to optimise promotional images based on click-through rate. Simply upload any number of images and destination URLs and add one line of HTML to your site, and Incisively will maximise the click-through rate in real-time.

It's also easy to optimise for other goals, e.g., sign-ups or downloads. Just provide variant data as JSON (or any other text-based data format), and then inform Incisively of goals from anywhere in your website or app.

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Increase conversion and margin by optimising product merchandising

Successful online retailers understand that the order in which they present products to customers can significantly affect click-through and conversion rates, as well as revenue and margin—especially when the selection of products is large enough to cause option paralysis.

Do your customers respond best to sorting products by price ascending, price descending or review score? With Incisively, it's practically trivial to implement an optimisation on your default sort order.

You can even optimise explicit orderings, by simply providing variants containing ordered lists of product codes as CSV, XML, JSON or any other structured data format. This is an ideal way to find winning strategies for your “Recommended” or “Default” orderings.

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Increase conversion and margin by optimising discounts and offers

Discounts, offers and bundles are go-to choices for giving sales a shot in the arm. But there's a sweet spot between how much you give away and how much you make as a result.

Incisively can help you find the most effective strategy by optimising not just the number of conversions, but the value of those conversions—as revenue, profit, LTV, or any other metric that you care about.

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